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Premium catches the eye 

This is not your typical bottle of chili oil. No corners were cut while designing the product. The label is made from specially developed matte-oil-repelling paper. The logo has a hot foil finish so you can feel ‘Madmax’ with your fingers. A premium look makes the product stand out on every shelf making it an eye catcher wherever it’s placed. Let’s face it, have you ever seen olive oil in a beer bottle?

Premium ingredients that sell

Unlike other infused chili oils, we use high quality and biologically produced olive oil. Big manufacturers think it’s a ‘waste of good oil’ to mix it with chili flavours. Not for us, spicy lovers. We need the best to go with every dish and give a pique pique feel without crushing the original taste of the meal. The food market has changed, Quality (yes, written with a capital letter) is key and people are willing to go the extra mile for it. Nowadays, even the young insist on quality.

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