When will you go mad?

Quality olive oil infused with carefully selected peppers. Handmade in Belgium.

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Bhut Jolokia pepper

Alias the “Ghost Pepper”, cultivated in the North-East of India and praised for its fruity and rich flavour. Until 2011 it was the hottest pepper in the world with a Scoville scale of 1.2 million.

Fun fact: when eaten pure, it is possible to start hallucinating and see ghosts.

High quality olive oil

We use premium organic “Arbequina” extra virgin olive oil (certified EVOO). It is known for its subtly sweet, delicate almond flavour and a slight peppery kick, while remaining soft in taste without too much bitterness and acidity.

Selected dried pepper blend

Peppers are like grapes. Many different kinds, many different flavours. Provenance and terroir is key. We have carefully selected a blend of three peppers from across the seven seas to accompany the Bhut Jolokia and blend together into the original Madmax® taste.

Oil repellent label

To get the best serving experience we specially developed a matte oil repellent label so you can go mad as much as you like and wipe it of like nothing happened.

Secret ingredient

It's not love...

Let’s face it, have you ever seen olive oil in a beer bottle?


Madmax was created to operate in support to a dish and make it spicy, not to dominate the taste.

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Newbies/wussies need to think before they swirl. Start with a drip. Mad people can swirl along.

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The love for spicy was born

Filling up Jack Daniels bottles with spicy oil, can end up in a business dream coming true.

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